Welcome to Grove Park HOA

Grove Park, conveniently located in the eastern corner of Germantown, has Johnson Road as its primary entrance and straddles both the north and south sides of Wolf River Boulevard. Established in 2000, the homes in the Grove Park neighborhood offer multi-story living on large lots and are close to amenities such as schools and parks.

Neighborhood children attend the prestigious Germantown Municipal Schools of Dogwood Elementary (grades K-5), Houston Middle, and Houston High School.

An active Homeowners Association provides maintenance of the neighborhood entrances, community pool and clubhouse, quarterly e-newsletters, neighborhood directory, and friendly, and engaging social activities for all age groups. The association also hosts a bi-annual neighborhood yard sale.

If you are looking for a stable neighborhood with a strong association, then Grove Park welcomes you!


Welcome to Grove Park HOA — 3 Comments

  1. There is a gray and white cat that's been hanging around our house the past 2 days. No collar but it is friendly and I believe it is someone's pet. Maybe you could put an announcement out to everyone. He is around 1737 Dogwood Creek Drive.

  2. If you go to the city of Germantown FB page there is an article about “Battle of the Brains” and it listed the Grove Park HOA as a sponsor. I wasn’t aware that our dues we being used for donation. It just seems odd.

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